NIA Demography Centers

Conducting new research and training in aging

Older office worker

Desire for and benefits of engaged activities for older adults

Laura Carstensen (Stanford) uses socio-emotional selectivity theory in her examination of older adults' preferences for and benefits from meaningful job and volunteer activities.

Mexican money

Investment choices among workers in Mexico's privatized social security system

Justine Hastings (NBER) links data from Mexico's privatized social security system to household survey data to examine relationships between workers' demographic characteristics and fund choices.

Two fat women smoking on beach

How does obesity impact international differences in longevity?

Samuel Preston (University of Pennsylvania) identifies individual-level mortally risks associated with different levels of obesity that can be used in international and intertemporal comparisons of how obesity contributes to longevity.

Puzzle pieces

Genes, environment, behavior, EPs, and health risks in later life

Alexander Kulminski (Duke) examines how genetic and life-course factors contribute to risks of morbidity, disability, and mortality in late life using multi-generational longitudinal health data and linked Medicare data.

South African senior

Cardiometabolic disorders among older Sub-Saharan Africans

Thomas Gaziano (Harvard) is examining patterns of change in cardiometabolic disease – rates, causes, and consequences – among people aged 50-plus living in rural South Africa, Ghana, and Tanzania.

Key Activities

  • Funding pilot research initiatives
  • Attracting scholars to the study of aging
  • Creating research networks
  • Developing and promoting new data resources
  • Holding seminars, conferences, and workshops
  • Providing web-based reports and resources

Research Highlights